Why Online Casinos Offer Free Spins for Existing Customers?

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Online casino bonuses are recognized for offering players a lot of extra value for their cash. Unlike brick-and-mortar casinos, online casinos are ready to dazzle you with amazing bonuses and promotions. The Internet gambling houses have cheaper operating expenses and more competition. Players can simply earn from the best deposit bonuses. Moreover, it is easier to find the website nowadays that provides no deposit casino bonus for existing players. This informative guide has been prepared to assist players in seeking the best bonus packages online and it helps to find out essential information about different kinds of bonuses and why they are offered to existing players.

How to Claim Free Spins for Existing Customers?

Choosing from the best bonus offers can be tricky. If you want to apply for the bonus which allows you to play slots with additional spins, you should know all the details and information about this promotion. Taking that into consideration, we’ll go through the essential aspects to consider while hunting for the ideal no charge spins bonuses.

Spin Numbers

The number of spins is perhaps the most crucial thing to consider when picking the perfect casino bonus for you. The best online platforms can reward you with 300 additional spins for you to play with or even more of them, while others may only offer you 10 or something. As such, it’s always best to surf around and check which casinos are giving the best sums.

Wagering Requirements

Another key consideration in obtaining the best gaming bonus is wagering requirements. Some sites implement wagering requirements for you to fulfill before you can receive any wins from your account. On some sites, your earnings can be withdrawn without needing to wager too much, but others may have even worse conditions. They are always specified in the deal’s terms and conditions section, therefore ensure you read them to recognize how much you must wager.

Search for More Bonuses

Aside from your first bonus, all top online casinos will provide you further incentives in the variety of bonus cash and free spin offers. Most websites give out bonus spins not only for new players but for existing customers also.  Each casino platform’s offer will differ. So looking for the best casino to apply for it is better to look at promotions that are often offered for registered visitors.

When Does a Bonus Expire?

Timing is another factor to consider while hunting for the perfect casino bonus. The time range in which you must spend your free spins bonus varies. Some casinos offer you up to 30 days, while others offer you between 7 and 14. The casino’s terms and conditions will always specify how long you have to spend your bonus rewards before they expire.

A Minimum Deposit

Sometimes online casino bonuses, like additional spins demand you deposit a fixed sum into your account to be able to claim them. Whether it’s $10 or $50, some casinos won’t give you out-of-charge spins without an initial payment. Remember to check the offer’s terms and conditions so you understand what you have to do to get the most out of it.

What Can I Win with Casino Bonuses for Existing Players?

A no-charge spins bonus is basically what it seems like. Most gambling sites offer bonus spins for registered players and newbies. These spins bonuses may be independent or paired with other ones like bonus cash or free chips. Of course, like many other bonuses, the FS one gives you great opportunities to win a lot. Playing you lose nothing as long as these spins are free, but winnings are usually expected. Even winning a huge amount of sum, shortly after you will have to face some details and information which may make you a little upset. For you to avoid any unpleasant situations while turning your winnings from slot spins into real money, farter you will find the necessary information that will help.

Main Requirements

Terms and restrictions often include contribution rates and wagering requirements. This is perhaps the most tricky aspect of any casino bonus. It is the number of times gamers must stake their bonus funds before withdrawing their winnings. It’s a common consideration when deciding whether to offer casino bonuses for frequent visitors. You can study the terms and conditions before accepting a bonus at a casino. In case you have questions, please contact the casino’s customer service team. They can help you through it. Requirements were made to safeguard online casinos from players who came for a bonus and vanished.

Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions

As most players know, most sites offer bonuses for existing customers and gamers who sign up as new customers. All online promotions have terms and requirements that must be addressed. It is vital that you adhere to these rules. Failure to do so may result in the loss of the bonus. A bonus can come with wagering restrictions that must be fulfilled within a specified time frame. You may need to wager your bonus winnings severally before withdrawing. Some offers require bonus codes to be activated. You must consider several essential factors before applying for a bonus. Some of these factors include:

  • Minimum Deposit. Aside from the fact that most casinos do not need a deposit before offering extra spins for already registered customers. Most casinos demand a minimum deposit to get a bonus. This amount varies across promotions and casinos.
  • Limited time. While many casino promotions have no expiry date, some may require you to spend your bonus over a certain time frame or risk it expiring. It’s a prevalent factor for online casinos that provide bonuses for their usual players. The terms and conditions of any offer with a timeframe will state this.
  • Game restrictions. While some sites let you use your promotional spins in a big variety of games, others restrict its use. These restrictions might limit your bonus to one or a few games, or enable you to use it in many games except a few. The bonus terms and conditions will be specified for each offer.

Slots With Promotional Spins for All the Customers

Wizard of Odds helpers are articles compiled for you on the site to help with selecting the best offers. As usual, the bonus spins offered by the gambling club mean that you should play only one separate slot or a set of definite ones. However, after you turn your winnings into real money, you can change the slot you played with and move to play some other games or even withdraw your money and leave. s.

The fact is that many reliable casinos provide only several bonus spins or a big variety of them for your deposit. Makes it easy to feel enthusiastic about the content you are getting and how it may boost your odds of winning. While bonus offers are exciting, it is essential to be conscious of any limits that may apply. Since not meeting the wagering requirements can prevent you from withdrawing at any point. Sites that offer a no deposit casino bonus for existing players also fall under this category. Some rewards come with restrictions that may prevent you from using them as you like. Also, always study the bonus’s terms and conditions to know what to anticipate.

Top 4 Best Casinos with Free Spins for Existing Players by People’s Choice

It’s quite difficult to find the best casino with amazing promotions according to the huge variety of platforms existing now. There are so many criteria you have to take into account and so many things to think about. Here we provide you with the list of the coolest gambling websites which are able to surprise you with their extra spins promotion:

  1. Ice Casino – the one, which provides players with more than 200 FS as a welcome offer;
  2. 1xslots – the cool place to play if you want to enjoy 150 FS and up to 1500€;
  3. Alf Casino provides its customers with 250 FS;
  4. BitStarz offers 180 FS as a reward.


While most people believe the ideal online casino bonuses are the ones that offer the most money, others know that the best promotion contains bonus spins. But the reality is that the number of spins is just one factor to consider. The possibility of using a bonus in any game with little or no time constraints is another factor. Therefore, you should not be tempted merely by bonus offers to sign up. Ensure the casino you chose has exceptional customer service, security, and a large game selection.


What Are Wagering Requirements?

A wagering requirement is an amount of money that you have to wager until you get the possibility to get your bonus winnings.

What Do No-Charge Spins Casino Offers Mean?

They usually come in the form of a deposit bonus up to a particular amount, free spin bonuses may go just themselves or with additional benefits like free cash or spins.

Are Only New Players Eligible for Casino Bonuses?

The online casino wants to keep its longtime clients happy, so incentives aren’t only for new players. Some casinos include daily and weekly benefits like no-charge spins for existing players, while others have significant VIP/loyalty programs for long-term customers.

What Is the Purpose of Casino Bonuses?

Because online casinos have fewer operating expenses than brick-and-mortar casinos. Most casinos offer bonuses to entice new customers and reward existing customers.

Is It Possible to Win Real Money with Bonuses?

Yes, the hope of winning actual money with the bonus offers is what keeps them so attractive.

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