400% Casino Bonus 2022: Quadruple Your First Casino Deposit

400% Casino Bonus

Online casinos offer a wide range of bonuses, ranging from the first deposit bonus and the fifth one. These are incentives offered to new users, both to get them to check out the platform without committing much money at the onset and to have some freebies.

The 400% deposit promotion is one of the rarest incentives offered by these casinos. Unlike the others that offer 100% or 200% of the deposited amount, it offers 4 times the amount you deposit. So, if you are looking to quadruple your deposit at an online casino, consider playing at one that offers this type of bonus.

What Is the Meaning of a 400% Casino Bonus?

This is a type of casino promotion that offers 4 times or 400% match bonus to the users. This way, you have 3 times more bankrolls to play and wager on your favourite games on the platform.

400 Welcome Bonus for New and Current Members: How to Claim It

It is pertinent to mention that the availability of the 400% increase in your deposit may be limited to only the new members. This is because the primary use of the incentive is to get these new users to be interested in what the online casino has to offer. However, existing members may be able to qualify for the bonus, only if the online casino opens up that opportunity, probably, during any promotion.

With that being said, let’s now talk about how to claim this bonus:

  1. You must have signed up for an account at the casino. Make sure that the casino offers the bonus before signing up with it.
  2. The next step would be to fill in the required information, including your information and banking details.
  3. After this, you can proceed to the deposit or cashier section to make a deposit that qualifies you for the bonus.

Once you make the deposit, the bonus will be automatically credited to your betting account. Take note that this may take several minutes. Also, only deposits that meet up with the minimum amount will be credited with the bonus. For example, if the minimum deposit is $20, you are expected to deposit nothing less than that.

These conditions need to be on your mind always so you can make the most out of the 400% bonus:

  • The Smallest Deposit Amount: The first condition to have in mind is that you need to meet the minimum deposit threshold. As mentioned, this could be $20 or more, depending on the casino you are using.
  • Wagering Requirements: This is one of the most important conditions to be met before any user will be able to maximize the deposit match bonus on an online casino. The wagering requirements are simply the number of times or playthroughs that a gambler is expected to wager with the bonus before it can be credited to their account.
  • Time Limits: Some casinos may give you a specific timeframe during which you are expected to meet the conditions of the 400% promotion. This is especially when the wagering requirements are considered. A 30-day time or duration is usually given, but this might differ by the casino you play at.

Variations of the 400 Casino Bonus

No doubt, the 400% match-up bonus offered by casinos helps new members or users to get 4 times the initial amount they deposited. Yet, not all of these casinos follow a uniform pattern to doing so. Farther you will find a few examples showing the variations you may likely see when getting the quadruple bonus from an online casino:

Make the First Three Deposits

Some casinos may require the users to make three initial deposits of specific amounts before they can qualify for the 400% match bonus. As usual, these deposits have their minimum and probably maximum limits.

First Deposits

Other casinos prefer counting the initial or first deposits made by the users. Of course, these deposits need to meet the minimum deposit amount. Don’t forget to read carefully all the details of the promotion to be aware of all the pitfalls it may contain.

400% Deposit Bonus Alternatives: Other Options to Consider

If you don’t qualify for the 400% deposit bonus, there are several other welcome bonuses to choose from. They include:

  • 100% Deposit Bonus: This is the most popular welcome bonus at casinos. It offers a 100% match bonus for any amount you deposited. For example, if you made a minimum deposit of $10, you will be credited with another $10, thereby, bringing your bankroll to $20.
  • 150% Bonus: This type of casino welcome bonus offers 150% additional bankroll to your initial deposit. That is, if you deposited $20, you will be credited with an additional sum of $30.
  • 200% Welcome Bonus: Make a deposit and get 2 times the initial value. That is, depositing $50 fetches brings your total bankroll to $150.
  • 300% Welcome Bonus: This type of casino welcome bonus offers 3 times the value of your deposit. Therefore, if you deposited $100, you get $300, bringing your bankroll to $400.
  • The 400% bonus can help you increase your bankroll by 4, which leaves you with more bankroll to wager with. Find a casino that offers one and sign up.


How to Find the Best 400% Casino Offer?

Check the promotions or bonuses page of the casino to be sure it offers the 400% bonus before signing up. Go to the website, which offers different casino reviews to analyze the quality and promotions of many platforms at once.

How Do I Wager My 400% Deposit Bonus?

You may only be able to claim the bonus after you must have made the registration and a minimum deposit and completed the wagering requirements.

Can I Claim the 400% Bonus Every Time?

No, the bonus is only claimed once, except if the casino decides to offer it as reload promotion.

Can I Claim the Bonus on My Mobile Device?

The promotions can be claimed on mobile, the application is not necessary to be downloaded as everything can be easily operated online but don’t forget to check the mobile availability of the bonus.