Wizard of Odds Blackjack Game

Wizard of Odds Blackjack Game

Blackjack is one of the most common casino games in the world. The rules of the set are simple to master making the game enjoyable to just about anyone. Wizard of Odds blackjack gives a comprehensive review of the game. It provides the rules of the game, the strategy of playing on the table, and instructions on how to play the set online.

Wizard of Odds blackjack has a chart that helps players know what move to expect from the dealer. The Wizard of Odds blackjack chart has the dealer’s cards lined at the top and the player’s cards to the left. The chart helps the player anticipate the next deal and the points they might get if they choose a particular move.

It is possible to play the online version of the game for real money. Wizard of Odds offers the game on its training website. This allows gamers to learn how to play the game before visiting the casino. When the player makes a wrong move, the game will issue a warning first. It then gives the best possible move to play. For instance, if the next move requires doubling or splitting and the player does not have enough chips, the tutor will advise an alternative affordable move.


  • If the player believes that the tutor gave wrong advice, he or she can report to the Wizard. One has to take a screenshot of the tutor’s direction as proof.


  • The Wizard’s blackjack trainer is based on his analysis of tables and basic strategy for tables 1, 2 and 4+ decks. There are better ways to play the game.
  • Wizard of Odds blackjack is a good place for a beginner to master the game and an expert to sharpen gaming skills.

Online Blackjack Strategy

Wizard of Odds has gained a reputation as one of the biggest watchdogs on the online gambling platform. The site was established back in 2000, a total of eighteen years ago, by renowned gambler Michael Shackelford, who is a famous gambler and game analyst. The website Wizard of Odds started out as Mike’s Gambling Page and later changed its name along the way. The site has grown to become among the most trusted when it comes to providing honest reviews on casinos, online gaming software developers, games, playing methods such as the Wizard of Odds blackjack strategy.

Wizard of Odds Blackjack Strategy to Increase Winning Chances

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games which goes to tell why it makes an appearance on the Wizard of Odds website. The game has been around since the eighteenth century and the test of time has done little to make it any less popular in the gambling scene. Blackjack has managed to remain popular over such a long period because of its strategy application during play. Seasoned gamblers find it especially engaging considering that they can influence the odds to their favour.

Wizard of Odds Blackjack Options

The various Wizard of Odds blackjack strategies provided can be used to play in the various blackjack variations that are listed on the site. Many years of its existence have prompted the release of numerous variations of the original to keep things exciting, most of which have been featured on the Wizard’s website. Some of these variants include:

Standard Blackjack

This is the most engaged option in Wizard of Odds as well as numerous other gaming destinations. It follows the classic rules of the game and uses four decks of cards. The maximum limit of dealt cards in this option is seventeen, and the dealer only gets one face up. Depending on the game developer, players can be allowed to double after a split, and in most cases, it is allowed only once. This variant works as the best application for the provided Wizard of Odds blackjack strategies.

Elimination Blackjack

This option deviates from the basic rule of the game which states that gamblers play against the dealer and not themselves. It is mostly found in brick and mortar casinos, and its popularity has transferred to live dealer casinos. Gameplay entails that once the results of each hand are given, the player with the lowest card value is eliminated until only one man standing is left, and they cash the prize. The game is especially enjoyed by experienced gamblers who want to showcase their skills.

Double exposure

The popularity of this variation matches that of the original. As suggested by the variant’s title, the dealer’s cards are dealt face up. This exposure gives players a higher chance of winning. However, players are stripped of the upper hand in the event of ties since a win cannot be declared. Additionally, doubling is only allowed for gamblers with card values between nine and eleven. The game uses six decks of cards.


Pontoon is also as popular as Double Exposure even though it is among the newest variations of the game. The game follows the basic rules of blackjack but allows a card value of five to beat those that lie between two and four. Like Double Exposure, players are stripped of the chance to win in case of a tie.

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch entered the online market in 2009 and earned a huge fan base in a short time. In the game, gamblers get to enjoy a fusion of video poker and blackjack. The popularity of this table game is owed to the fact that it carries one of the lowest house edges among all variations of blackjack.

Wizard Blackjack Strategy – Playing Tactics

Once the gambler has found a variation in settling on, they can move on to the application of the various Wizard of Odds blackjack strategies provided by the Wizard. Before one can proceed, one should understand the meaning of a soft and a hard hand since most strategies revolve around the two. A hard hand is one that does not carry an ace; if it does, then it is counted as a point resulting in a hand bust. A soft hand, however, carries an ace that can either present a card value of one or eleven.

The basic strategies listed on the site include:

  • The Wizard advice that one should double if they have a hard ten or eleven and their card value is higher than that of the dealer; this will result in the dealer’s ace being treated as eleven points
  • If the game allows a double but the gambler has three or more cards with them, then it is best to hit; this also applies if the game does not allow soft eighteen
  • Perform a split on eights and aces
  • Always treat a hand as a hard eight, ten, or twenty of the strategy on play does not allow a split; the value to consider is dependent on the pair one has.

The Wizard of Odds blackjack strategies listed above does not assure gamblers of a win or a loss. However, it does improve players’ chances at winning and limiting losses.

How to Win Blackjack

Do you want to play blackjack? If you do, you can always learn to play blackjack at any live casino, but some people can access any blackjack game and learn the Wizard of Odds blackjack strategyWizard of Odds Blackjack Strategy over the Internet. Blackjack is one of the most sought-after games today.
Usually, people in casinos are very determined to play despite the lack of knowledge of the game. Therefore, these people would eventually lose money for the wrong decisions while playing blackjack.

Wizards of Odds Blackjack Ways to Win

If your main objective in the game of blackjack is to win, then you need to do something extraordinary to win. It is imperative for a beginner to learn the fundamentals of blackjack 21 before playing any real money game.
Blackjack is certainly an exciting game that you will enjoy. You will experience great joy by playing the game, but if you learn to use the proper blackjack strategies, the result will always be a great reward. To win you need to know the basics of how to play blackjack and learn some professional tricks.
The most important aspects to keep in mind are the rules, and the betting strategies, commonly used in the card game. Although playing blackjack can seem very complicated, you don’t have to worry because you can learn the game in just an instant