Wizard of Odds Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker

Wizard of Odds 3 Card Poker is now in various locations around the world and has become one variant available via video machines.

Wizard of Odds Three Card Poker History

Derek Webb is attributed to inventing the variation of poker known as 3 Card Poker. Webb started the game in 1994 and later patented it in 1997. In an interview, he stated he wanted to provide the speed and excitement of regular poker, while also making it easy to understand. The rules, payout, and house edge were carefully crafted to appeal to both players and casinos.

Three Card Poker Rules of the Game

A player starts by making an ante wager. The dealer will then provide the three cards, a set to the person playing and a set to the casino. You are able to look at your hand, but are unable those dealt to the dealer. At this time, you need to decide the strategy, whether it is folding or raising. If the person decides to fold, then the ante is forfeited to the house, and the round is over. However, if there is a raise, the player will need to make an equal wager to the ante made at the beginning.

At this time, the dealer must show their cards. If the dealer has a queen or better, then the hand qualifies. Should the dealer not qualify, you will obtain even money for your ante wager. The “play bet” is then given a “push.”

With a qualifying set, the dealer and you must show the cards to determine who has the better hand. The high cards will win Wizard of Odds three card poker. When you have the winning set, the ante and play wagers are paid even money. When the dealer and you tie the ante and play, wagers are pushed.
Probabilities of the Game

In three card poker, a player attempts to get a straight flush, three of a kind, straight, flush, pair, or an ace high or less. There are several combinations that can occur, which will determine the strategy you will want to employ.

  • Straight Flush 48 combinations
  • Straight 720
  • Three of a Kind 52 options
  • Flush over 1096
  • Pair 3744 combinations
  • Ace High or Less can happen 1,6440 times in a deck

The probability of each hand is 0.002172, 0.032579, 0.002353, 0.049593, 0.169412, and 0.743891, respectively. The house edge is between 1.56 and 4.28 percent depending on the ante bet made. There is an element of risk between 0.20 and 2.56 percent, again based on the ante wager of the player. Like most games in a casino, the house edge favors the casino.

 Three Card Poker – When to Raise

As with any table game, it is important to know when to raise. Wizard of Odds 3 card poker is best played when you have a queen in your cards. You want to have the highest value possible, but also one that will win against the dealer. Remember this tip—most Wizard of Odds three card poker games are played with multiple decks at a casino, instead of 52 cards to prevent card counting. The dealer can have a better hand than you. As a bonus, you can place other wagers such as the pairs plus bet, which offers different odds and payouts for a winning hand.

Wizard of Odds 3 card poker is a fast-paced game available in multiple casinos, including online locations. Players can enjoy the simplicity of the rules, as long as they understand the house edge is against them.