Wizard of Odds roulette is provided in a variety of styles, including the main European and American. Historically, roulette was invented in France, with a table and a wheel. The wheel had 37 numbers on it, with one of them being a zero. Later, to change the house edge the American version added the double zero, which gave the wheel 38 pockets. At one time, the highest house edge for a casino was 5.26 percent, with the American wheel.

Wizard of Odds Roulette Review on the Two Types of GameplaySince the invention of the Internet more variations have appeared, such as casinos, and rapid. They are patterned after the original game, with minor differences in how fast the gameplay is, and what numbers you can wager.

Rules of the Game

In traditional games, you were not allowed to bet on the zero or double zero. However, you are allowed to do this in both American and European Wizard of Odds Roulette. The pay for Americans is 35/1 for either the 0 or 00 and 36/1 for European.

You must place your wager before the ball is dropped by the croupier or dealer. A player who tries to put their wager in after the ball is going will not be able to win money. In land-based casinos, the marble is changed out often to ensure no tapering is happening with the wheel or the ball.

Outside Wagers

The Wizard of Odds Roulette has inside and outside bets. There are more than twenty wagers.

  • Red/Black or Even/Odd you will bet on either red or black, even or odd. The payout is 1:1. Some people like to make a red/black and even/odd bet at the same time, as a way to break even. The odds are always 50/50 because it can either be a red or black number and even or odd number.
  • High/low is when you bet on 1-18 or 19-36
  • The column is one of the three columns.
  • Dozens are the first, second, or third 12 numbers.

Inside Bets

  • Straight up is when you play 1, 17, 13, or 0 for 35:1
  • Split is putting a wager on two numbers next to each other.
  • The street is a bet on three numbers in a row.
  • The corner is where you wager on four numbers by placing the chip on the corner of those squares.
  • The line is a cover of six numbers.

Wizard of Odds Roulette is a game of numbers where you wager before the spin, and see if the marble lands on the bet you chose. You can even wager on the double-zero and zero.