Deuces Wild

Wizard of Odds Deuces Wild is a video poker machine based on a table game variation. Most casinos did not add deuces wild as a table variation despite the enjoyment as a home game. One of the reasons it is not a favored table version is the edge it provides players. A player can use the deuces in a deck to make a full hand when otherwise they would not be able to have a winning hand.

Rules of Deuces

The payouts are based on regular poker hands. For those who understand the game of poker, it is easy to play this game when you visit a casino or online location. The number one rule is that deuces can be used to complete a hand, such as if you have one card away from a royal flush but have a two.

You will make an ante at the beginning of the play. When the cards are dealt, you will determine the type of hand you have, such as royal flush, four twos, wild royal, five of a kind, straight flush, full house, and others. You can raise your bet. However, it is not a good strategy to raise your wager, unless you have high cards.

In Wizard of Odds Deuces WildWizards of Odds Deuces Wild Poker Review, you are still playing against the house, which is why many strategize to play when they have a queen or higher in a pair. It is also possible to choose a bonus round. The bonus round can offer you more money, but the probability of a win is low. The house edge is always favored.

Tips for Poker Play

  • Make sure you never trade out your twos.
  • If you have four deuces, you can make nearly any hand.
  • Keep a queen or higher.
  • If you have ten and up, as a pair hold them.

For the last tip, know your poker hands, and the probability of gaining certain cards. If you are playing a multi-deck machine or table game, your odds of getting what you need to win are lower, with the house edge being against you at a higher rate.

Wizard of Odds Deuces Wild is a lot of fun, if you keep your twos, raise or stay in the game, with a near winning hand before you trade in any cards, and keep aware of the house advantage.