Deposit Bonuses

Match Deposit Casino Bonuses Explained

Wizard of Odds offers the best deposit bonuses. You can apply this bonus that takes the form of a fixed percentage to the initial deposit. This reward is usually a minimum of 100% reward. In other words, for an investment of $200, you get twice the amount reimbursed. More generous casinos offer up to 400%, but this is very rare.

Popular Types of Match Bonus Offers

You can group the bonus into customers and already registered ones. As a rule, more profitable bonuses are for those just about to join the bookmaker. You can only receive these bonuses once.

For those customers who are already registered, bonuses are less profitable. Let’s talk about the most common types of bonuses:

  • Free bet: It is the most common type of bonus offered by most bookmakers. Roughly speaking, you can bet at the expense of the bookmaker.
  • Freebet for registration: This option is not very popular now, but it still happens. You have registered and received a bet as a reward.
  • Freebet for the first deposit: Everything is the same here, but you first need to replenish your account to receive an out-of-charge bet. Then you will get your bet.
  • Freebet for promotions: Such bonuses are usually given during some significant tournament. You bet on certain sports and get a bet as a reward.
  • A birthday gift bet: It is probably the most enjoyable bonus option. You get a bet on the player’s birthday which depends on your activity and the average bet amount.
  • Cashback: It is a relatively new type of bonus in which the player is returned a percentage of the bet made or the deposit made.
  • First deposit bonuses: When you register as a new customer and then make a deposit, the bookmaker gives you a bonus. As a rule, this is 100% of the deposit, but it happens that companies provide both 150% and 200% of the deposit.
  • Increased odds: Such options, with reduced or zero margins, are offered by bookmakers for super matches.
  • Bet insurance: It is also called a win-win bet. This type of bonus allows the player to bet without risk. You place a bet on any event. If you win, you get a win. If you lose, you will get back the amount of your bet.

How Match Deposit Bonuses at Casinos Work

You do not need to deposit money on any website to claim bonus. You must read the terms and conditions that apply to the specific promotion for which you are going to obtain the bonus. Each casino will have different rules that apply to the games and the use of their campaigns to attract players.

You will often see no deposit promotions that do not even ask you to register or play. Often these promotions will allow you to play for real money, and if you do win, you will need to register to withdraw your winnings. In addition, they will ask you for identity authentication. Possibly, also that you deposit your cash withdrawal.

On the other hand, no deposit offers will ask you to pre-register and verify your identity before giving you the promotional money. You must pay close attention to the terms and conditions before redeeming your casino bonus. In our no match deposit promotional section, you will have the opportunity to choose from hundreds of promotions and play in prestigious casinos with a good reputation and worldwide recognized payment partners.

Things to Consider Before Accepting a Match Bonus

There are many bookmakers. The first thing you have to do is register in one of them. Check the conditions well and take advantage of the registration bonuses they offer you to choose the one that best suits what you need.

What Does the ‘Match’ Part Mean?

Speaking about casino promotion, a match means the percentage you are about to get making your deposit. It is a kind of free cash bonus you get, the only difference is that this amount depends directly on the sum you invest.

What Does the ‘Up to’ Part Mean?

When you read the information about offered by the casino bonus, you may find something like: “Lucrative match bonus of up to 200%”. In this case “up to” means that the bonus divides according to the deposit you make, for example, you get a 200% match bonus if you deposit 20$ as the first deposit, 30$ as the second and 50$ as the third. Then your maximum match bonus is 200$ in addition to the inserted into the casino sum.

Are All Match Bonuses Set at 100%?

It is the percentage received based on the deposit made, and it is very often in this form that the welcome bonus is offered.

Exclusive Deals at Online Casino Platforms

As its name suggests, an exclusive bonus is a bonus given to you exclusively by the online casino or online casino portal on which you are playing. The exclusive bonus is personal, adapted to your game or your person. This bonus is not familiar to all players when you are awarded it. Welcome bonuses, bonuses occurring on a date that is personal to you, loyalty bonuses and VIP bonuses, and all deposit bonuses, can be exclusive bonuses because they depend precisely on your game.


What Are the Best Sports Betting Welcome Bonuses?

You can set an average score according to the specificities of the bonuses and the details of the offer, such as the amount of the sports bonus, the type of sports bonus, the difficulty of obtaining, minimum deposit, special conditions, etc. You can also find the full welcome bonus test in the table.

Where Can I Find the Best Odds for Betting?

A solid argument from sports betting sites is the high odds. Thus bettors will want to select the bookmaker offering the best Ligue 1 odds, the best Premier League odds, the best Bundesliga odds, the best Serie A odds, the best La Liga odds, etc.

How to Validate Your Player Account?

Online sports betting sites ask players to validate their player accounts to benefit from the various welcome bonuses. You must send supporting documents and a contact form to the bookmakers to be able to validate your account definitively: a copy of proof of identity (identity card, passport) and a bank account statement (RIB).