Wizard of Odds Craps

History of Craps

Several historical accounts date craps to various periods, such as the Roman soldiers who used the bones of a pig as dice. Research indicates it is more likely that Sir William of Tyre, in 1125 AD, created the game, known then as Hazarth. Other researchers believe an Arabic dice game gave Sir William the idea. The origination of Craps may be murky; however, it is one of the most played in casinos. Wizard of Odds craps is played against the dealer or house, although other players can be at the table at the time.

The Rules of Hazarth

Wizard of Odds craps game is played using a table, which has a layout with various betting options. One can bet on the line, pass line, or don’t pass. The shooter, the person rolling the dice, is required to select pass line or don’t pass.

  • Pass line wagers are bets on the player making 7 or 11 with the dice.
  • If the dice have 7 or 11, it is the “come out” roll.
  • A player can wager on the don’t pass line, in which the shooter will lose or not make the 7 or 11. This option pays even earnings.
  • Once the “come out” roll is made in Wizard of Odds craps, players can make the come or don’t come wagers. Players can wager even if the come out roll has already occurred.
  • If a 2, 3, or 12 appears then the pass line losses.
  • When any number beside the 7, 11, 2, 3, or 12 appears, then the pass line is “point,” so the second phase of betting may begin.
  • Play the point is when a player can win if the same number is rolled again.

Creating a Strategy

For players, Wizard of Odds craps requires a strategy that takes the odds of rolling certain numbers on the dice into account. It is difficult to roll the same number two times in a row. The odds and the payout is higher if the same number is rolled twice. But, as with any casino game, the house edge is favourable to the casino. Players who are the shooter cannot try to adapt the dice to provide the roll they want and doing so will get them barred from playing.

The simplest wagers are the pass line or don’t pass line because there are better odds, even if there is a lower payout. If you are going to play Wizard of Odds craps, keep in mind that you want to wager on the most numbers.